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We work with you to find your brand's voice and write engaging content for your website

Why do you need a content strategy?

Business websites exist to sell something. And the content on them ultimately has only one purpose: to persuade your target audience to take the action you want them to take. That could include buying your product, booking your service or contacting you for more information.

Taking that action is called a "conversion"—the point where your visitor's initial interest or inquiry is converted into taking the next step (doing what you're asking of them).

You might strike it lucky once or twice but regular, ongoing conversions don't happen by accident; they're the product of targeted content. And successful content boils down to three things:

  1. Strategy
  2. Measuring results
  3. Refinement

(World domination comes later.)


There's nothing more demoralising than spending hours labouring over content that doesn't seem to make any difference to your sales. A sound, well-researched strategy takes the hit-and-miss element out of content creation, and turbo-charges your website's performance!

Assessing results

How do you know if your strategy is working? What are the signs? Your conversions haven't gone up but your page views have--is that significant? (Hint: no.) It's very important to monitor and assess your results. Learn to love Google Analytics and you're halfway there.


Websites are never really finished. As you gain new insights about your target audience, you'll want to fine-tune your content to best meet their needs. And as your business grows and develops, your website should reflect that too. Make small changes and monitor the difference they make.

  • Get a Content Strategy plan

Content Strategy Plans start from $2300 + GST

If the roadmap is about your "why" and your "what", the full plan is all about the "how". We begin with the roadmap process but then take it further to produce a comprehensive plan specifically tailored to your organisation, goals and resources.

The comprehensive content strategy plan includes:

  • A review of where your business is at now including understanding your best customers problems and needs
  • Competitor content review so you know what your competition are doing well and where they are not so strong
  • Targeted SEO keywords for your business
  • Copywriting advice and helpful templates for new creating content
  • How to measure the success of your new plan
  • 3-month website performance report after completion

Make sure your website pulls its weight

You'd be surprised how many don't. We built our website strategy workbook to help you create a website that works hard for your business.

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