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Target Audience Deep Dive: A practical workshop designed to help you identify and communicate with your target market 

Who, exactly, is your target market? Do you know?   This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at how many established businesses have never actually sat down...
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Clever content marketing: ARC and GOT

The Australian Red Cross hitched its wagon to Game of Thrones and produced a brilliant piece of content marketing that grabbed attention and strengthened its brand. Here's how. Doing good and...

Adding a second web writing course date in September

We've had a great response to our inaugural Writing for the Web course on Saturday 26 August 2017 in Nelson. Saturdays don't work for everyone though and we've had several...

A website isn’t a thesis, so ditch the passive voice

Using too much passive voice on your website will absolutely kill your content. Yep, you heard me. Stone. Dead. If you had a tertiary education that involved essay writing, you...

Launching our Writing for the Web course in Nelson!

We're launching our inaugural Writing for the Web course on Saturday 26 August 2017 in Nelson. And we're excited. REALLY excited. The interweb's brilliant. We know that. It's fantastic for...

Writing website content can take waaaaay longer than you’ve probably planned for

It might be 2017 but website content still can't write itself As web designers we work with a lot of new website projects, website migrations and redesigns. We've worked on...

Our Mission

We're here to help you succeed with your content

Good Honest Content is a labour of love from copywriting and website design professionals, Niki Morrell and Brendyn Montgomery. We're passionate about great content. We want to help you write content that fits your brand, sells more products and engages your readers. We've got years of experience and countless client projects to draw on. We bring an Australasian perspective to the art of getting your message across online.

What people say about our website writing courses

Niki and Brendyn took away a lot of the mystique behind building an audience through your website. I've left with a clear and concise to-do list. And, best of all, I'm feeling inspired to get on with crafting some whizzing content!

Paul McGregor, Adult Learning Support

Very informative and great to have writing for digital broken down into achievable steps, which makes it much less daunting. Now inspired to start writing blogs!

Vicky Pattinson, Animal Farm

I loved that the day was very workshop-y; chatty, collaborative, practical, personalised to each of us. Also very supportive. Really appreciative of strategy info. Most impressed that you visited our websites!

Sylvia Bauer, Clear Edit

Upcoming website writing course

Online course to launch in 2019. Watch this space!

We've done our research and our beta testing. We know there's a need for what we're offering and we're more fired up than ever about empowering businesses to create dazzling content for their sites. So stay tuned. We're headed for the stratosphere in 2018—and we want to take you along for the ride!

So how will this course change my life?

Hopefully you’ll learn stuff you didn’t know before, like how to generate a constant flow of great content ideas. We’ll show you how to be strategic about your website content so that it works hard for you. We’ll demonstrate that SEO is neither rocket science nor scary. And we’ll give you the tools to become a better writer. Sounds good, eh?

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