Launching our Writing for the Web course in Nelson!

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We’re launching our inaugural Writing for the Web course on Saturday 26 August 2017 in Nelson. And we’re excited. REALLY excited.

The interweb’s brilliant. We know that. It’s fantastic for learning all sorts of useful stuff, including how to write for the web. It can teach you all about branding, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to write blog posts that people actually want to read. But sometimes there’s just no substitute for sitting down with real people in a real room and doing it together. Because, sharing ideas. And networking. And biscuits (which may or may not contain chocolate).

Plus, not all the resources and strategies that you’ll find on the interweb are relevant to us here in the Antipodes. We have our own way of doing things.

So how will this course change my life?

Hopefully you’ll learn stuff you didn’t know before, like how to generate a constant flow of great content ideas. We’ll show you how to be strategic about your website content so that it works hard for you. We’ll demonstrate that SEO is neither rocket science nor scary. And we’ll give you the tools to become a better writer.

We want you to leave our course brimming with excitement about creating beautiful, relevant web content. And, because it’s our first, we’re offering it to you with a 30% discount.
Sound good? Register here.

Who’s teaching it?

Niki Morrell is a full-time professional copywriter with lots of experience and client work behind her. Before going freelance, a stint in Oz as a successful radio host sorted out her pathological fear of being boring. Niki has trained people in everything from ballroom dancing through to how to write haiku about hangovers.

She’s very ably assisted by the team from Avoca Web Design: Brendyn and Jan. They’ll be on hand to chime in and help out with the practical exercises.

We’re not saying that we’re really old or anything but there’ll be a combined 20+ years of content creation experience in the room to help you learn.

Let’s see a course outline, please

Okay. Here’s what we’re going to cover and you’re going to love:

  • What makes successful websites work
  • Anatomy of a website
  • Branding: sharing the right stuff with the right people
  • How to get good at writing for the Web
  • Better blogging and why it matters
  • SEO is not the bogeyman
  • Social media as viewed through the lens of speed dating

What other useful info can you give me?

When: Saturday 26 August 2017, 9:30am–3:30pm (with a one-hour break for lunch)
Where: Adult Learning Support, 1st floor, 43 Montgomery Square (above Bin Inn), Nelson
Cost: $139 (incl. GST) discounted from $200 because it’s our first course and we’re celebrating

We’ll provide:

  • Morning and afternoon tea, biscuits and snacks
  • Worksheets
  • Pencils and paper
  • A comprehensive resource pack to take home
  • A fun environment

Numbers are strictly limited so don’t delay! Registrations close on Friday 18 August.

Sounds great, sign me up!

Niki Morrell

Niki is the creative director of Bold Communications and co-founder of Good Honest Content. A former radio host with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she's been helping Kiwi and Aussie businesses with content marketing and strategy since 2012.

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