Target Audience Deep Dive: A practical workshop designed to help you identify and communicate with your target market 

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Who, exactly, is your target market?

Do you know?


This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at how many established businesses have never actually sat down and worked it out. They’re doing reasonably okay, they have satisfied customers, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that consumers have more choice than ever before. Businesses have to work harder to first win, and then keep, their loyalty.  That only comes from understanding their needs and problems and then proving that your product or service offers the very best solution.

Trying to sell to everyone doesn’t work

In order to connect with the right people, write compelling sales copy and even refine your products or services, you need to understand your best customer.  Really well.

Many businesses think they’re already doing a great job at that. But over half of the 2,000 global marketers and consumers surveyed by Adobe-owned company Marketo, disagreed:

  • 56% of surveyed consumers believed businesses needed to have a deeper understanding of their needs
  • 51% of surveyed consumers believed brands sent out too much irrelevant content

And yet 61% of marketers believed they engaged with the right content. Oops.

In an even more telling survey of over 6,700 consumers and businesses, the State of the Connected Customer report found 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

But as a business you can’t do that if you don’t know who they are.

Why you should think more about your target market

There’s more pressure than ever before on businesses to adapt if they want to grow and flourish. That’s reflected in terms like “agile”, “nimble” and “pivot”. As these businesses evolve, their products and services do too—and so do their markets.

Being aware of this means keeping ahead and staying in charge.

A good, clear target audience persona is the key that unlocks:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Client-focused website content (or print)
  • More engagement with your clients and potential for growth
  • Creativity—you’ll never run out of content ideas
  • The door leading to better search engine optimization (SEO) results

Identifying your target market is vital to the success of your business. We can’t over-state its importance.

Need help identifying your target market? We’ve got you covered.

Next month GCH, in conjunction with the Nelson Tasman Business Trust, is running a Target Audience Deep Dive workshop.

WHEN: Wednesday 17 July, 1-5pm
WHERE: NMIT – Room A174, 322 Hardy Street, Nelson, 7010
COST: $192.05 (includes GST). NTBT members are entitled to a discount.



Some benefits of this training

  1. A much deeper understanding of who you are selling your products and services to
  2. Understanding why and how narrowing down your audience helps you reach more people
  3. You’ll find the similarities in your best clients to refine your target audience and help you reach out to those you serve best
  4. We’ll give you a proven formula for creating a simple target audience avatar that works
  5. You’ll leave with your target audience persona fleshed out

And, as a bonus, you’ll take your first step towards creating a powerful sales funnel by honing in on your target audience’s one key problem and exploring the solution.

Who this training is for

Start-ups and established businesses who want a deeper understanding of their target market and/or are considering launching a new product or service.

Workshop includes

  • How to do target audience research
  • Target audience formula
  • Identifying your audience’s biggest problem
  • Next steps and how to apply what you’ve learned

Don’t miss out. This workshop is heavily discounted on what we’d normally charge for a consultation.



“They asked all the right questions, they understood our business and how we wanted to present ourselves, they knew how to deal with our marketing issues and most importantly they were friendly and kind and so nice!”
—Morganne, Taonga by Timoti

“I go to lots of courses and I learnt more in three hours with you than I have in some full-day courses.”
—Andrea Koorey, owner, Blenheim Dental Care

Don’t live in Nelson Tasman?

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can bring this important business workshop to your office or your town.

Niki Morrell

Niki is the creative director of Bold Communications and co-founder of Good Honest Content. A former radio host with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she's been helping Kiwi and Aussie businesses with content marketing and strategy since 2012.

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